Introduction to buying local government websites

The Local Government Website Buying Guide fully empowers government leaders to make holistic, smart decisions when it comes to procuring quality online services needed to best serve increasingly digitally-centered communities.

Local government leaders must be experts in all aspects of public sector management and, as technology evolves at a rapid pace, you are increasingly challenged with understanding new business and technical issues that are critical to sustainably and successfully serving your communities.

The Local Government Website Buying Guide provides an accessible foundation for all stakeholders -- city managers, mayors, council members, technologists, communicators, directors and other staff -- to align on principles, purpose and approach so that the best decisions can be made that serve the needs of everyone.

Use this guide to unify your team and start your digital modernization efforts with the confidence of an expert.

You’ll make a smarter, more cost-effective decision, have a much better final product, and your communities will thank you.

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