Google Analytics and government websites

Posted on October 10, 2018

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a powerful website data and analysis tool that lets government web managers view detailed insights into visitor activity, such as:

  • Number of visitors
  • Most visited pages
  • Exit pages
  • Device types
  • Demographics
  • And much more

Setting up Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free to set up and use. Once you create your Analytics account, you will then need to set up an Analytics tracking code and add this to your website so that it can monitor all of your website pages. Once Google Analytics verifies your website tracking code, you will then be able to leverage all of the available features.

Google Analytics and ProudCity

Google Analytics integrates with ProudCity Analytics, where you can view website data directly in your ProudCity administrative dashboard. To set up ProudCity Analytics with your website, you just need your Google Analytics tracking ID and property number (ex: UA-000000-2) from your tracking code. You can then easily add your tracking ID through the ProudCity dashboard.

Learn more about Google Analytics and set up your free account.


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