How to add Google Analytics to your ProudCity-powered government website

Posted on October 10, 2018

ProudCity Analytics dashboard

ProudCity Analytics is an integration with Google Analytics that allows government website managers to easily view visitor activity data within the ProudCity Platform.

Data visualizations in the ProudCity Analytics dashboard include:

  • ProudScore
  • Visitor sessions
  • Form submissions
  • Hearts (pages found helpful)
  • Popular pages (by pageviews)
  • Popular search (by autocomplete clicks)
  • Device types
  • Browser types
  • Popular Answers categories
  • Population Answers

Setting up ProudCity Analytics

To set up ProudCity Analytics with your website, you need your Google Analytics tracking ID and property number (ex: UA-000000-2) from your tracking code. You can then easily add your tracking ID through the ProudCity Dashboard.

1. In the administrative left navigation menu, selection go to ‘Dashboard’ > ‘Marketplace.’

ProudCity Marketplace dashboard

2. Select ‘Google Analytics’ in the ProudCity Marketplace.

Google Analytics in ProudCity Marketplace

3. Add your ‘Tracking ID’ and ‘View ID’ then save.

ProudCity Analytics set-up

4. In the administrative left navigation menu, go to setting and then integrations to then see ‘Add your UA code to the ‘Google Analytics Tracking ID’ field, then save.

Google Analytics integration


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