ProudCity Onboarding information and support.


ProudCity Onboarding helps streamline your digital government training and new website launch.

How it works:

  • In 90 days, you will launch your new digital government services.
  • During the 90-day onboarding process, your ProudCity Ambassador will guide you through weekly training and manageable task assignments (two one-hour sessions a week).
  • In 60 days, you will be fully trained and ready for public feedback on your BETA digital services delivery outreach.
  • 30 days later, you will confidently launch your new LIVE site.
  • After 90 days, you’re fully onboarded and get ticketing support and continuous product upgrades.

Services included with ProudCity Onboarding are:

  • Designated ProudCity Ambassador who works closely with your team
  • Personalized experience tailored to your agency’s needs
  • Structured project management support
  • Accelerated launch timeline (BETA in 60 days, LIVE 30 days after)
  • Digital government best practices training (including new federal ADA guidelines)
  • ProudCity platform training to maximize use of best-in-industry features
  • Customization support and guidance
  • Content strategy and execution plan to help you move to user-first, mobile-first digital service delivery
  • Ticketing customer support

Contact ProudCity about onboarding.

Your ProudCity Ambassador supports your digital government training and new website launch in the following ways:

  • Personal guidance and collaborative problem solving
  • Community insights
  • Direct line to product development roadmap
  • Personalized release updates to help you better serve your community

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