How do I create a child category for my answers content?

  1. Create child category
    • Remain in the ‘FAQ Topics’ functionality or navigate to the ‘FAQ Topics’ functionality
    • If you have filled out the ‘Answers’ worksheet, the child categories are the subheadings to the parent category
    • Write the child title in the ‘Name’ section
    • Click on the ‘Parent FAQ Topic’ dropdown menu 
      • Select the parent category the current child category falls under
      • Leave the ‘Description’ section empty, this section is to be used only when creating parent categories
      • Click ‘Add New FAQ Topics’
    • Notice, the child category created will display with a hyphen in front of its title and be listed below the parent title.
    • Repeat this step to add all child categories that fall under the parent category. 
    • child category selection
  2. Organize the child categories in the same order you want them to display in the ‘Get Answers’ section by dragging the title in the list view and dropping it in the desired placement.
    • Make sure they remain under the same parent category when you are switching the order.
    • Back end view
      parent category
    • Front end view
      front end view of parent categories
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