How do I setup ProudCity payment forms?

Here are our two most common ProudCity payment form implementations:

Payment content that should appear in the ProudCity Actions Box


  • Water bill
  • Trash bill
  • Sewer bill
  • Court payments
  • Income tax
  • Business tax
  • Building permits

One-off forms that require a fee


  • Park area reservation
  • Pool membership
  • Summer program enrollment
  • Sports leagues
  • Application fees (demolition, employment, etc.)
  • Event booking

Both approaches hinge on a simple form creation process, by adding product and payment field to any online form:


Once added to the form, notifications can be set up to alert the process owner (and the submitter) of payment submissions:


Then simply attach the form to a new document or a payment (to appear in the ProudCity Actions Box), attach any files and publish:


Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re officially accepting city payments online!


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