How do I upload images or media?


Whether you’re using the featured image or the add media feature you upload your files to ProudCity just like you would attach a file to an email.


Once you have selected and uploaded a file, make sure to fill in the file details: title, caption, alt text and description. This will help with SEO and in the future when searching the media library to reuse the file.


Media library

Once files have been uploaded to ProudCity they live in media library for future use so you do not need to upload a new file every time you would like to use media in your content.  If you are diligent with you file descriptions as mentioned above, the search feature will be even more helpful as your media library goes.

Editing image in the dashboard

Once media is inserted into your content you can double click the image to get some quick edit options to format your text around your image.

If you click on the pencil icon you will get even more options for editing your media, including editing the size of the image. We recommend that you use the present thumbnail, small, medium, large and full size settings for consistency. If you need even more advanced editing capabilities, you can select “edit original” to rotate, crop and customize dimensions.


Credit and licensing

There is a lot of free media out there, make sure that you are getting permission and licensing if you’re using media that you did not create or pay for.

Creative Commons (CC) is the most common media license to encounter on the web, and essentially breaks down into 3 concerns (the actual licenses are more nuanced, but the gist is):

  1. Use my stuff, just cite me!
  2. Use my stuff, just not for commercial uses and cite me!
  3. Use my stuff, but you can’t change it and cite me!

(you can learn more about the licenses here: )

When getting an image off Flickr, Wikipedia, or google image search (try the advanced options), you will likely see the CC license along with the content, so just make note of the source.

To attribute an image using CC, simply edit the image’s caption with a brief message:

“CC Image courtesy of Librarian by Day on Flickr”

The maxim to follow with licenses generally is some attribution is better than no attribution!

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