What is Google Site Kit?

Google Site Kit displays data from several Google tools and services, including:

  • Google Analytics: Provides insights into website traffic, user behavior, and audience demographics.
  • Google Search Console: Displays data on website visibility in Google search results, including the number of clicks, impressions, and position in search results for specific keywords.
  • Google PageSpeed Insights: Displays data on website speed and performance, including suggestions for optimizing website speed and performance.

Google Site Kit displays a variety of Google Analytics data, including:

  • Sessions: Number of website visits, including new and returning visitors.
  • Pageviews: Total number of pages viewed on the website.
  • Average session duration: Average length of time visitors spend on the website during a session.
  • Bounce rate: Percentage of visitors who leave the website after viewing only one page.
  • Top pages: The pages on the website that receive the most traffic.
  • Top referrers: The websites that send the most traffic to the website.
  • Demographics: Data on the age, gender, and location of website visitors.
  • Interests: Data on the interests of website visitors, such as sports, technology, or travel.
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