Adding CAPTCHAs to your online forms

Posted on December 19, 2023

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CAPTCHA (Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart) is a challenge-response test in computing designed to differentiate between human users and automated machines (like spambots). Websites commonly use CAPTCHAs to thwart automated bots from executing specific actions, such as form submissions, account creation or engaging in malicious activities.

CAPTCHA recommendations

ProudCity recommends:

  • Adding CAPTCHAs to all online forms.
  • Position CAPTCHAs directly above form submit buttons.

Add CAPTCHA to online forms

ProudCity Forms lets you easily add CAPTCHAs to your online forms.

To add CAPTCHAs to your forms:

  1. Login to MyProudCity.
  2. Go to ‘Forms’.
  3. Select ‘Edit’ for your form.
  4. Select ‘Advanced fields’ (to the right of the form editor).
  5. Drag and drop the ‘CAPTCHA’ field onto your forms editor.
  6. Save form.

ProudCity CAPTCHA activation support

The CAPTCHA feature should already be activated for your form builder. If not, request CAPTCHA activation support.

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