How to add Facebook and Twitter widgets

Posted on April 7, 2020

Facebook and Twitter widgets

Facebook and Twitter feeds can easily be added to ProudCity-powered government websites.

You can see here how we’re using these widgets at

There are two ways to add these to your website:

Here’s how to manually add Facebook and Twitter widgets to your government website.

NOTE: From your page editor, make sure you’re working in Pagebuilder mode and not the visual editor option. At the top right of the page editor menu, there is a button for ‘Page Builder.” Select this. You will be asked to confirm that you want to switch the editor, select ‘Yes.’

Pagebuilder option

You will know that you’re in a Pagebuilder enabled page if you’re seeing widget boxes rather than a WYSIWYG editor. This is an example of what you should see:

Pagebuilder mode

Step 1: Select ‘Add Widget’ option in Pagebuilder mode

Select ‘Add Widget’ option in Pagebuilder mode

Step 2: Select your embeds

Click on ‘Facebook Page Embed’ or ‘Twitter Page Embed’ to add the widget to your page.


Add Facebook widget


Add Twitter widget

Step 3: Customize the widgets to your specifications

Hover over the widget in Pagebuilder and select ‘Edit.’

Customize widgets

When completing the customization, select the ‘Done’ button.


Facebook Page Embed


Twitter Page Embed

Step 4: Update page and view

Update page
See an example of the Facebook and Twitter widgets at

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