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Icons on ProudCity

IMPORTANT We have upgraded our icon tool, including:   Improved font selector tool More icons (2,000+)   As part of this upgrade, because of the new way icon files are named, there is a slight ‘bug’. When editing an icon widget, you will need to update all of the icons in the widget. Otherwise, they … Continued

Multi-factor authentication

Overview Authentication is the process of verifying that a user’s identity is genuine. Multi-factor authentication (MFA) is a simple, multi-step process that adds an additional layer of security to a login process. MFA is also called two-factor authentication (2FA). While MFA adds a step to your login process, it is a minor inconvenience that helps … Continued

HTML tables

An HTML table is a structured set of tabular data (rows and columns) displayed on a web page. Similar to spreadsheets, tables allow you to display values that indicate a connection between different types of data. Sample HTML table: It’s important to note that tables should be used sparingly and for tabular data only. We … Continued

How to manage users

Overview ProudCity site Admins can: Modify users’ content and payment role permissions Remove users Steps Login to the ProudCity Dashboard. Select the ‘Users’ tab. Hover over the user and click. This will display the user edit box. Modify permissions and save. Or ‘Remove’ if you want to delete the user. ‘Users’ tab in ProudCity Dashboard: … Continued

How to add MailChimp newsletter archives to your ProudCity website

Overview You can add MailChimp newsletter archives to your website using the ProudCity ‘Code or iFrame embed’ widget. This will let you display past issues of a newsletter you send via MailChimp on your website, and it will automatically update when you send a new issue. Example ProudCity newsletter archives. Steps Follow these instructions from … Continued

How to add new users to your ProudCity website

Overview Organization admins can add new users and assign them specific content and payments roles. Steps Login to MyProudCity: Select ‘My sites’ in the navigation bar. Select the site you want to add a new user to (this will take you to the ProudCity Dashboard). Select the ‘Users’ tab. Select the ‘Invite users’ button. … Continued

How to submit a great support request

Here’s how to submit a great support ticket to help us quickly resolve your issue: Describe what you’re trying to achieve. Clearly describe the steps you have taken to get the problem. Provide links and screenshots. Example **Describe the bug** A clear and concise description of what the bug is. **To Reproduce** Steps to reproduce … Continued


User permissions for MyProudCity content and payment roles. Content Author Full access to create and edit most content. Content is published upon approval by an Editor or Admin. Editor Full access to create, edit, publish any content. Admin Full access to create, edit, publish any content. Change site settings, configure site in the ProudCity Dashboard. … Continued

How to reset your MyProudCity password

Reset To reset your MyProudCity password: Go to: Click the ‘Don’t remember your password?’ link. Enter your email and have your password reset sent. Check your email for a message and follow the instructions. Note The reset email will come from Check your spam folder if you do not receive the email.

Getting started with ProudCity Plaza

What is ProudCity Plaza? ProudCity Plaza is the online community for ProudCity customers and partners. ProudCity Plaza is powered by Slack. How do I join? We will send you an invitation link during ProudCity Onboarding. You can also request an invite. Introduce yourself Here’s a sample message you can use to introduce yourself: Hi, I’m … Continued

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