How to clear your website cache

Posted on June 20, 2023

ProudCity-powered websites use a caching tool that helps with performance, making sites faster for the general public to access. There are times when this tool doesn’t let you see immediate changes you’ve made to your website, so you must clear the cache.


To clear your website cache:

  1. Login to your My ProudCity Dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Caching’ (on the left side admin menu).
  3. Select ‘Clear cache’ then ‘Save’.

After clearing your cache, visit your public-facing website and refresh the page. If the changes don’t show after refreshing the page, we suggest a hard refresh:

  • Windows/Linux: Hold down the Ctrl key and press F5.
  • Mac: Hold down the Command key (⌘) and Shift key, then press R.


Caching permissions are currently set for:

  • Editors
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