How to manage content publish status on your ProudCity website

Posted on December 8, 2021

Publish status


Website Admins and Editors can manage content publish status on a number of content types, including pages, posts, meetings and more.


There are two ways to edit the publish status of content: content view and quick edit.

Content view

  1. When creating new or editing existing content, open the ‘Publish’ admin box on the right side of content.
    Publish administration box
  2. Select the ‘Status’ ‘Edit’ link.
    Edit status
  3. Select the drop-down menu and select the status (‘Published’ / ‘Pending review’ / ‘Draft’) and select the ‘OK’ button.
    Select status
  4. Select the ‘Update’ button in the ‘Publish’ box.

Quick edit

  1. Select a content type (example: News) to view the content list.
  2. Hover over the item to edit with your mouse. This will display the option to ‘Quick Edit’.Quick edit
  3. Select the ‘Quick Edit’ link.
  4. Use the ‘Status’ drop-down to edit publish status (‘Published’ / ‘Pending review’ / ‘Draft’).Status dropdown quick edit
  5. Select the Update button to save.


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