Everything you need to know about ProudCity Meetings.


ProudCity Meetings lets government easily publish and manage meeting minutes, agendas and videos.


  • Publish meeting agendas/minutes/videos
  • Customizable meetings pages
  • Add meetings widget to any page
  • List upcoming meetings
  • Categorize/display meetings by type (city council, planning, etc.)
  • Publish minutes/agendas in text/PDF
  • Embed YouTube video
  • Embed SoundCloud audio
  • Bookmark YouTube video
  • Display past meetings archive
  • Search meetings from site search
  • Advanced search with Search+Docs
  • Share to social media
  • Get directions via Google Maps
  • Add events to your personal calendar

You can publish meeting agenda and minutes in both text/HTML and portable document format (PDF) with ProudCity Meetings.

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