How do I add a background image to the page header?

  1. Hover over the ‘Hero unit (page header)’ widget and click edit.
    • image of red pointer clicking edit
  2. Header is recommended  if you have a good landscape orientation image for the department 
    • Select the ‘Header’ radio button
    • Leave the ‘Text’ field as <h1>How do I add a background image to the page header?<h1/>
    • For container background, select the ‘Image’ radio button 
    • For image, select the ‘Yes’ radio button
    • Select an option for the ‘Image Vertical Alignment’ ( you can always go back and modify)
    • Click done
    • To add image, click on the ‘Set featured image’ link in the “Featured image” section located at the bottom right side  
    • Select either upload files or media library
    • Select image
    • Add  alt text 
    • Click on the ‘Set featured image’ button
    • screen shot of the choices to make for hero unit
Close window