FAQ Topic: Events / calendars

How do I create an event category?

Go to the dashboard Click on the ‘Events’ label on the left navigation bar Click on ‘Event Categories’ on the left navigation bar, Add new event category Write a name for the event category Leave the ‘Parent Category’ dropdown with the default text of ‘None’. Click ‘Add New Event  Category’

How do I add an event list to a page?

Navigate to an existing page Note: You should know you are on a page when the admin bar on top states ‘Edit page’ Click ‘Edit page’ Enable page builder by clicking on the ‘Pagebuilder’ tab, if there is no option to click on the tab, the page builder layout is enabled. Note: In order to … Continued

How do I edit a recurring event?

From the dashboard select events View list of recurring events Editing recurring event Edit from recurring event list to change the entire string of events Make update Publish Editing a specific event within a string of a recurring event Dashboard Events Find the specific event that you want to edit Select edit Update

How do I create a recurring event?

Go to the dashboard Click on the ‘Events’ on the left navigation bar Click on ‘Recurring Events’ Click ‘Add Recurring Event’ Select category, on the right side, in the ‘Event Categories’ section The event post can belong to many categories, click all that apply Add content using the visual editor The visual editor is your … Continued

How do I create an event?

Events page elements (front-end) https://example.proudcity.com/events/  Can filter by categories Event details Date Location Directions Download to calendar Share Upcoming events Create event categories Dashboard Events Events category Add new No parent Parent Add event Title Content Where (location) When Category Publish

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