FAQ Topic: Onboarding

What services come with ProudCity Onboarding?

Services included with ProudCity Onboarding are: Designated ProudCity Ambassador who works closely with your team Personalized experience tailored to your agency’s needs Structured project management support Accelerated launch timeline (BETA in 60 days, LIVE 30 days after) Digital government best practices training (including new federal ADA guidelines) ProudCity platform training to maximize use of best-in-industry … Continued

How does ProudCity Onboarding work?

ProudCity Onboarding helps streamline your digital government training and new website launch. How it works: In 90 days, you will launch your new digital government services. During the 90-day onboarding process, your ProudCity Ambassador will guide you through weekly training and manageable task assignments (two one-hour sessions a week). In 60 days, you will be … Continued

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