Twitter/Facebook social media feeds not showing

Posted on December 11, 2023

X (Twitter) and Facebook icons

The ProudCity social media widgets may not show on your website for these reasons:

  • Security settings
  • Social media settings

Security settings

Because social media companies, such as X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook, use cookies to track users on the internet, the ProudCity feed widgets may sometimes not show for certain users. Your browser/organization settings and plugins/add-ons may block the cookies that are used to deliver the social media feed.

This could be for the following reasons:

  • Individual user browser security settings
  • Individual user browser plugins or add-ons (ad blockers, privacy protectors, etc.)
  • Organization network settings

Social media settings

If the profile associated with the social media account is set to private or only viewable by users who are logged into the site, the feed will not display for users who are not logged in. You will need to set your account to public.

ProudCity recommendation

Because of the evolving privacy issues related to this, and the varying user experience around seeing the feeds, we recommend that local governments no longer use these widgets, but instead link out to the respective social media accounts directly. We recommend removing these widgets and using the ‘Connect’ layout in custom layouts to get started.

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