FAQ Topic: ProudCity Web

How do I redirect visitors from old web pages to the new web pages?

Find the corresponding page on your new ProudCity website, and  Create a redirect: Go to ‘Tools’  on the left navigation bar Click ‘Redirects’ Click on the ‘Create Redirect Rule’ button at the top of the page Enter the non-working URL for ‘Redirect From:’ Enter the existing page to ‘Redirect To:’ Click ‘Publish’

What is the ProudCity Accessibility Checker?

The ProudCity Accessibility Checker helps governments using the ProudCity Platform understand and stay abreast of pertinent accessibility issues and continue to maintain AA conformance. PAC lets government website managers run accessibility reports, view errors/warnings, and resolve these issues immediately. Learn more »

What is ProudCity Analytics?

ProudCity Analytics lets government website managers on the ProudCity Platform easily view visitor activity, including: ProudScore Top website searches Top frequently asked questions Online form submissions Most visited pages Views by device There are two main tools as part of ProudCity Analytics: ProudCity Insights Google Site Kit

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