Here are our two most common ProudCity payment form implementations:

Payment content that should appear in the ProudCity Actions Box


  • Water bill
  • Trash bill
  • Sewer bill
  • Court payments
  • Income tax
  • Business tax
  • Building permits

One-off forms that require a fee


  • Park area reservation
  • Pool membership
  • Summer program enrollment
  • Sports leagues
  • Application fees (demolition, employment, etc.)
  • Event booking

Both approaches hinge on a simple form creation process, by adding product and payment field to any online form:


Once added to the form, notifications can be set up to alert the process owner (and the submitter) of payment submissions:


Then simply attach the form to a new document or a payment (to appear in the ProudCity Actions Box), attach any files and publish:


Once you’ve completed these steps, you’re officially accepting city payments online!


ProudCity Payments makes it easy to set up, launch and manage every aspect of government web and mobile payments. Learn more →

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