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What website tools does ProudCity provide?

In addition to standard features, ProudCity provides local governments with these website tools: Cache clearing Broken link checker Link redirection To access ProudCity tools: Login to MyProudCity. Hover over ‘Tools’ in the left admin menu. Select tool option.

What is ProudCity Review?

ProudCity Review is a recurring digital government solutions assessment and consultation with actionable outcomes, including: Assessment: We review your website and compile a report. Consultation: We meet with you to discuss the assessment. Actionables: We both create to-dos for continued success.

What can I customize on my ProudCity powered website?

General site customize tools include: Site identity Site title (shows in browser bar after page title) Site tagline (used with shortcode) Site logo (shows in the header and footer and should have a transparent background) Site icon (shows in browser tabs, bookmark bars and within WordPress mobile apps) Default social image (shows when content is … Continued

What is ProudCity Analytics?

ProudCity Analytics lets government website managers on the ProudCity Platform easily view visitor activity, including: ProudScore Top website searches Top frequently asked questions Online form submissions Most visited pages Views by device There are two main tools as part of ProudCity Analytics: ProudCity Insights Google Site Kit

Why is the Google Analytics July 1, 2023, deadline important?

Starting July 1, 2023, Google Analytics’ Universal Analytics (UA) properties will no longer work on websites. In order to continue using Google Analytics you will need to either: Convert your existing UA account to Google Analytics 4 (GA4); or Create a new GA4 property To do this, login to your Google Analytics account and follow … Continued

What upgrades are coming to ProudCity Analytics?

ProudCity Analytics upgrades include: New and improved analytics dashboard and visualizations. New ‘Analytics’ tab in the main admin menu. A new ProudCity Insights feature. A new Google Site Kit feature. New submenus for the ‘Analytics’ tab: ProudCity Insights and Google Site Kit. Integration with Google Analytics 4.

How do I access ProudCity Analytics?

To access ProudCity Analytics: Login to MyProudCity. Select your website. Select ‘Analytics’ in the left navigation (below ‘View Site’).

What is ProudCity Insights?

ProudCity Insights is a curated view into website activity, including: ProudScore Top website searches Top frequently asked questions Top online form submissions

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