FAQ Topic: Images and media

What is the ideal size for hero unit images?

There are a number of factors to account for when using images in hero unit sections of your website. Push10 has an excellent primer, and here is a helpful excerpt: By default, the ideal website hero image size for full-screen background images is 1,200 pixels wide. However, if users are browsing on larger screens, these … Continued

How do I add a background image to the page header?

Hover over the ‘Hero unit (page header)’ widget and click edit. Header is recommended  if you have a good landscape orientation image for the department  Select the ‘Header’ radio button Leave the ‘Text’ field as <h1><h1/> For container background, select the ‘Image’ radio button  For image, select the ‘Yes’ radio button Select an option for … Continued

How do I upload images or media?

Upload Whether you’re using the featured image or the add media feature you upload your files to ProudCity just like you would attach a file to an email.   Once you have selected and uploaded a file, make sure to fill in the file details: title, caption, alt text and description. This will help with … Continued

What’s the difference between featured image and “add media”?

Featured images are pre-formatted into some of our content types and templates such as news posts and departments. Oftentimes the feature post is highlighted in the header of content and previewed as a thumbnail on another page or list. The add media option provides the admin with more flexibility to post media throughout their content. … Continued

What about landscape vs portrait images (aspect ratio)?

There are some instances where a “portrait” (taller than wide) or “landscape” (wider than tall)  style image may look awkward or not fit nicely into your content.  If you are starting from a very large image, it could be possible to crop (see below) the image to the appropriate aspect ratio.  Often it is just … Continued

Do the dimensions of images matter?

Images will generally be automatically re-sized (like when using the Page Header widget), but you can also select specific sizes when inserting an image into a post.

Is there a minimum file size?

No minimum file size but some displays of images will not look great if you’ve started with a smaller image.  For instance, the “Page Header” widget in “Header” or “Full Header” mode really needs an image at least 1100px wide to not become visually distorted.

Is there a maximum file size?

ProudCity has a 25MB soft file size limit. If you need to upload larger files, please submit a ticket and we assist in large file uploads. Please note that the following features will not be available for files over 20MB: Embedded Document preview on your website Indexing the contents of your file (if you are using ProudCity … Continued

Should I upload video or audio files?

ProudCity recommends that video and audio be posted through a free online account like YouTube.  These services automatically make video streamable to mobile devices, and will easily reach the broadest audience.  YouTube has the additional benefit of being consumable by the home page Social Wall.

Does an image’s file type matter?

Not especially.  The standard file types listed above all have some level of “compression” and will be fine for web-based publishing.  There are certain, more rare, image formats like .tiff and .raw that are “un-compressed,” will likely be too large for easy viewing on the web, and should be avoided.

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