Yes, ProudCity Forms are WCAG 2.1 AA compliant.

It is becoming more critical that governments understand and execute on website accessibility standards. Web accessibility, particularly for non-technical government leaders, can be overwhelming, both with the amount of information available, as well as the many technology nuances related achieving conformance. Learn more »

The ProudCity Accessibility Checker helps governments using the ProudCity Platform understand and stay abreast of pertinent accessibility issues and continue to maintain AA conformance. PAC lets government website managers run accessibility reports, view errors/warnings, and resolve these issues immediately. Learn more »

ProudCity makes it easy to check and fix broken links on your government website.

How it works:

  1. Login to the ProudCity Dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Settings’ > ‘Broken Links’ in the admin sidebar.
  3. Hover over the errant link and perform one of the follow actions to correct the error:
    • Edit URL
    • Unlink
    • Not broken
    • Dismiss
    • Recheck

Learn more.

Color is often an overlooked aspect of web accessibility, especially for brands and particularly governments, that have designed style guides and color palettes prior to accessibility becoming a priority. Learn more »

Because government serves a wide constituency, structured content in web pages is critically important in addressing the needs of all website visitors. It is particularly important for presenting truly accessible web content.

While ProudCity addresses many content structure issues “behind the scenes,” whether you’re using the our visual or text editors, it’s important to understand the basics and best practices of structured content as you design your web pages.

Learn more.

When choosing fonts and typography for your government website, it’s important to account for aesthetics and accessibility. Learn more »

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