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Embedded content

An overview of embedded content, trouble-shooting, and how ProudCity supports this.

Icons on ProudCity

IMPORTANT We have upgraded our icon tool, including:   Improved font selector tool More icons (2,000+)   As part of this upgrade, because of the new way icon files are named, there is a slight ‘bug’. When editing an icon widget, you will need to update all of the icons in the widget. Otherwise, they … Continued

HTML tables

An HTML table is a structured set of tabular data (rows and columns) displayed on a web page. Similar to spreadsheets, tables allow you to display values that indicate a connection between different types of data. Sample HTML table: It’s important to note that tables should be used sparingly and for tabular data only. We … Continued

An introduction to the page builder editor

Overview ProudCity Pagebuilder is an advanced editor that allows you to design and structure your content by adding widgets and elements to a page. We also have a layouts option that has pre-built pages. The pre-built layouts are organized based on the page destination or purpose and can be customized with the page widgets to … Continued

How to create a page

Overview A page consists of a searchable title and content. Content may include:  paragraphs, images, links, videos, etc. Example In our ProudCity demo site, we created a Parks facilities & locations example page. The example page is part of the Parks and Recreation department, to learn how to first create a department template please read … Continued

How to use pre-built layouts to quickly build a page

Overview ProudCity has a number of pre-built page layouts that can easily be inserted into a new or existing web page. The page widgets in each layout can then be customized to suit your specific design and content needs. Video    Example layouts Homepage Landing page Connect page Directory page Contact page Events page … Continued

Post/page checklist

There are several key components of a government website post or page that should be addressed when publishing either. These include: Title Body Categories Featured image Meta description Keywords Slug Title The title of the post/page is the heading (h1) of your web page. This is the blog post/page title. ProudCity automatically formats the title … Continued

Post/page duplication

All posts and pages created using the ProudCity Content Management System have features that allow for duplication, saving time on re-creating frequently-published content types with similar information and formatting. To duplicate a post or page: Find this feature in the ‘Publish’ block on the right sidebar of the create/edit content page Select the ‘Copy to … Continued

Post/page expiration

All posts and pages created using the ProudCity Content Management System have features that allow for date expiration, which automatically removes the desired content from the pubic-facing website. To find this feature, locate the ‘Post Expirator’ block on the right sidebar of the create/edit content page. To create a post or page expiration date: Check … Continued

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