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How to add a favicon to your ProudCity-powered website

ProudCity makes it easy to add favicons to websites. How to add a favicon to your website: Login to MyProudCity. In the left side admin navbar, select ‘Customize’. Select ‘Site identity.’ Scroll down to the ‘Site icon’ section. Upload your site icon. Should be square and at least 512 pixels x 512 pixels. Select the … Continued

Favicons and local government websites

Overview ​​A favicon — short for favorite icon — is an image associated with a website or web page. Favicons are also called: Shortcut icon Website icon Tab icon URL icon Bookmark icon Where favicons display: Browser tabs Search results Bookmarks Desktop icons Browser history Examples In browser tabs: In search results: Why favicons are … Continued

Plain language and government websites

From Plain language (also called Plain English) is communication your audience can understand the first time they read or hear it. Language that is plain to one set of readers may not be plain to others. Written material is in plain language if your audience can: Find what they need; Understand what they find; … Continued

How to create contacts in your ProudCity powered government website

Overview A contact has staff member name, position, label, and form of communication either email or/and phone. Optional fields available include Facebook URL, twitter username, staff member bio, and photo. We use labels to distribute where the contacts display throughout the site. Example In our ProudCity demo site, we demonstrate how the staff contact directory … Continued

How to a create events in your ProudCity powered government website

Overview An event post will have a title, category label, featured image, location, and content. Content for events may include paragraphs, images, links, etc. Example In our ProudCity demo site, we created an example event post for your viewing. After creating an event post and attributing it to an event category,  the event post(s) will … Continued

How to prepare for your ProudCity powered government website launch

Overview Launching your ProudCity powered government website involves a transfer of information between ProudCity and your current host provider. In order for your website to go LIVE, you need to know your current domain host provider and login information. Steps Prepare for your launch Up to a week (and at least 24 hours), before you … Continued

How to create redirects in your ProudCity powered government website

Overview If you are migrating from an existing website, you should ensure that visitors trying to access pages on your old website are properly redirected.  Not only does this keep your visitors happy, but it also helps with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Steps Look at the analytics for your existing website, and make a note … Continued

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