Customizing colors on your ProudCity-powered government website is easy. Here’s how.

Customizing fonts on your ProudCity-powered government website is easy. Here’s how.

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Information architecture is the critical first step to ensuring your digital government content is findable and usable by those seeking the desired information. Learn more »

When choosing fonts and typography for your government website, it’s important to account for aesthetics and accessibility. Learn more »

A primary objective of your government web strategy is to quickly direct visitors to the information or services they need and web analytics and metrics is a critical aspect to this success. Learn more »

The ProudCity Accessibility Checker helps governments using the ProudCity Platform understand and stay abreast of pertinent accessibility issues and continue to maintain AA conformance. PAC lets government website managers run accessibility reports, view errors/warnings, and resolve these issues immediately. Learn more »

ProudCity Analytics is an integration with Google Analytics that allows government website managers to easily view visitor activity data within the ProudCity Platform. Learn more »

ProudCity Platform customers receive three types of support:

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